Patient communication
that’s actually personal.

Let me test a message

Tailor-made for your whole dental practice

Handle families with our patient management software in your dental practice

Your patients

Reach more patients on a more personal level, and make them happier.


Boost your reputation by getting reviews for your clinic.

Your reputation

Earn positive Google reviews, and gain insights from surveys designed by academics.


Keep your patients engaged between appointments.

Your care

Engage patients between visits with tailored e-newsletters and messages.


Let our automated software do the hard work for you.

Your time

Be the efficient, attentive front desk that everyone loves—not one tied up on the phone.


Generate more revenue by using automated software.

Your revenue

Clinics generate $11,000 more per month from EasyMarkit recall reminders.


Training and support is provided in your subscription.

Your experience

Painless training and unlimited support from a success coach—for free!


EasyMarkit gives us that personal touch. It's reduced our overhead, and we have a lot less cancellations.

With EasyMarkit we've definitely seen higher confirmations from patients.

We save at least two hours a day with EasyMarkit confirmations alone.

It's been very helpful for our patients, and it's increased our productivity in the office.

Dental surgeons use EasyMarkit's automated software
Dr. Darcy Murphy
Surgeon, Queen's Park Dental
Receptionists are able to focus on the important things with our patient management software.
Receptionist, Queen's Park Dental
Office managers find EasyMarkit easy to use to manage their practice.
Benita Soni
Dental Practice Management, Seawall Dental
Office managers love our automated software
Jane Uglanica
Office Manager, Queen's Park Dental

Reach us here, we’re ready to help

Improve your patient centered care with software for your clinic.

Will I improve my patient-centered care?

Absolutely. You’ll connect with patients quickly through email newsletters, new patient welcome messages, and automated birthday greetings.

You will receive training and support for our patient management software.

Will I get first-rate training and ongoing support?

Yes, and that’s our promise to you. Our team is comprised of friendly experts, all with strong backgrounds helping dental professionals succeed.