Tech is all around us, touching every aspect of modern life. 95% of Americans own a cell phone, and an estimated 4.3 billion people use email worldwide, providing a huge potential audience that businesses are eager to tap into. Add to that the huge and ongoing advances in seamless automation (driverless cars, anyone?) and it’s clear the world is steering towards less menial labor and more tech-based problem-solving. So what does the evolution of tech mean for your practice?

There are three major tech impacts to watch out for:

  • Increased patient expectations
  • Increased efficiency
  • Better problem-solving

Here’s how each of these aspects applies to a 21st century dental office.

Is there an app for that?

For better or worse, technology has led to a more personalized world across the board. Social media puts its users at the center of their own universe; trackers ensure ads are pushed to the most receptive audience; FitBit has 25 million active users, who use the company’s tracking software to measure their own unique exercise habits. Whilst a lot of these advances offer heightened convenience, the universal presence of high-tech innovations also raises patient expectations. Simple benefits – like email reminders, one-click Google calendar integration, and the option to text your dental office – heighten the patient experience, providing a competitive edge in a crowded market.

Offering first-rate patient care doesn’t stop when they leave the chair, but personalized messaging is time-consuming – when done the old-fashioned way. Automated patient communication offers the best of both worlds, providing relevant information and personalized messages in a timely fashion for your patients, whilst not tying up your staff with endless, often unanswered, reminder calls.


Efficiency is probably top of the list when we count the ways tech has improved our lives, and it applies to businesses as much as individuals. Time management is a key priority for a successful business, and wasting precious hours on automizable tasks should be a thing of the past. Just as handwriting long documents has given way to efficient word processing, so other laborious tasks have been alleviated with the aid of machines and digitization – including patient reminders.

It’s not just about making the office run more smoothly. Optimizing the communication between dentists and their patients is one of the most reliable ways of ensuring appointments are kept and recalls are timely, ultimately keeping patients on track with their treatment.

A quick fix that works

There’s always plenty to worry about when you’re running your own business, but especially in the healthcare industry. Reducing administrative distractions means you can stay focused on what’s most important: providing fantastic patient care.

Good design blends into the background, becoming both invisible and invaluable at the same time. That’s why a great patient communication solution works seamlessly with your practice management software, meaning you can stay in touch with your patients in a way they love, without having to think about it. Generate positive Google and Facebook reviews to draw in new patients, send out reminders on schedule by the appointment type, ensure patients turn up well-prepared by providing documentation for their procedure, and so much more – with one solution, a multitude of time-consuming problems disappear.

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Will I improve my patient-centered care?

Absolutely. Reminding patients when and how they prefer ensures they arrive prepared and on time. And engaging them regularly makes them more likely to book your recommended treatments.

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Will I get first-rate training and ongoing support?

Yes, and that’s our promise to you. Our team is comprised of friendly experts, all with strong backgrounds in helping dental professionals to succeed.